A network of 2SLGBTQ+ professionals and students alike, helping to build better places to succeed and thrive in.
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At Start Proud, we believe in the power of community to drive change and foster growth. Our network, composed of 2SLGBTQ+ professionals and students, is dedicated to creating environments where everyone can succeed and thrive. By facilitating connections, providing resources, and promoting inclusive dialogues, we empower our members to excel both personally and professionally.

Since our founding in 2007, Start Proud, a non-profit organization, has grown into a national movement that champions the rights and opportunities of 2SLGBTQ+ individuals across Canada. We collaborate with top institutions and employers to ensure that queer people have access to safe, supportive spaces where they can reach their full potential. Through our programs and partnerships, we strive to make workplaces and communities more inclusive for all.

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Access to networks

Through virtual mentorship programming, annual events and flagship conferences, and sponsored activities; students and professionals get access to an exclusive community of likeminded individuals.

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Access to opportunities

Together with our 100+ sponsors and partners, we serve as one of the largest conduits for hiring queer individuals in Canada.

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Access to development

Get the skills you need to be successful in any career through a series of events, development programs, mentorship activities, and partner collaborations; all designed to build your confidence, upskill your development, and ace any career goal you might have.

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Our annual capstone events.
Out on Bay Street (OOBS)

The Out On Bay Street (OOBS) Conference is Start Proud's flagship event, bringing together LGBTQ+ students, young professionals, and industry leaders for a weekend of professional development, networking, and celebration of diversity.

Leaders to be Proud of (L2BPO)

Leaders to Be Proud Of is Start Proud's annual capstone awards gala, celebrating the achievements of top 2SLGBTQ+ professionals who have made significant contributions to their fields and communities. This prestigious event recognizes excellence, leadership, and the inspiring journeys of outstanding individuals within the 2SLGBTQ+ community.

Pride Month Kickoff Social

Start Pride is Start Proud's annual Pride Month kickoff social, bringing together the 2SLGBTQ+ community to celebrate the start of Pride Month. This vibrant event fosters a sense of community, joy, and solidarity, marking the beginning of a month dedicated to pride, inclusivity, and visibility.

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Join our team and lead the pathforward.

Volunteering with Start Proud offers a unique opportunity to give back to the 2SLGBTQ+ community while developing valuable skills and connections. Whether you're looking to make new friends, gain professional experience, or support a cause you care about, there's a place for you at Start Proud.

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We go beyond being just a non-profit...we are largetea community of passionate individuals united by a common purpose.

I want mentorship to take me to the next level...

Get connected with a mentor in your area of interest and learn how to succeed in your career.

I want mentorship to take me to the next level...

Get connected with a mentor in your area of interest and learn how to succeed in your career.

I want to search for my next dream job...

Apply to companies and positions that are certified to make you feel welcome, confident, and able to show up as your true self.

I want to help guide the next generation of students...

Become a mentor and support the next generation of up-in-coming queer talent.

I want to help advocate for change in Canada...

Enact changes via litigation and policy advocacy to create a place that is safer and more inclusive for everyone.

I want to find a community of people like me...

Build bold connections and find people like you via our online community and in-person events.

Help us create a world where equality is simply the norm.
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