This year at the Annual Conference, we have taken several steps to create an inclusive environment for learning and meeting our LGBTQ+ community members. We always want to improve on this front, and welcome feedback on how to make your experience better.

Trans Inclusivity Workshop

Time: 2:10 PM – 4:00 PM

LocationCC Lounge – Room 287

Facilitator: TBA

Individuals who identify as trans often experience barriers to accessing necessary services due to discrimination or harassment based on their gender identity and gender expression. This practical session and the accompanying toolkit will explore the experiences and challenges faced by trans people and will support you to develop approaches to fostering a trans-inclusive environment. Participants will also learn small and larger steps they can take personally and within their organizations to create more inclusive spaces and services for trans individuals.

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Gender Neutral Bathrooms

In our society, we often are forced to chose between the binary gender assignments given to us at birth. Within the LGBTQ+ community, we know that people do not all identify with just “male” or “female”. Thus we have ensured that the venues we use have gender neutral bathrooms to ensure everyone feels included throughout the course of the conference.

Pronouns on Nametags

A major issue within the LGBTQ+ community is the assumption of pronouns that people prefer to use for their identity. In an effort to educate people about this issue, we will have the option of writing your pronoun on your nametag so that people are aware of the pronouns you would like to use. By no means is this mandatory, but we believe being open about it with educate students and get the conversation going in the right direction!

Speaker Diversity

Out On Bay Street is committed to finding diverse speakers for the events that we host. This is particularly important for our keynotes that speak at the most prominent times of the Annual Conference. We are pleased that in 2014 we had our first transgender speaker, and in 2016 we have 2 female keynotes and a genderqueer keynote. This reflects an important initiative in ensuring that there are role models for key demographics with the LGBTQ+ community at the conference.